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HCG and VIP Low Calorie Diet

HCG & VIP Low Calorie Diet!




Initial Visit: $299 Includes:

•    HCG with B-12 and Supplies
•    Doctor Visit
•    Lab Work
•    MIC Injection
•    HCG VIP Diet Plan

Follow Up Visits: $239 Includes:

•    HCG with B-12 and Supplies
•    Office Visit
•    HCG VIP Diet Plan

The HCG diet became known after Dr. Simeons found that HCG hormones helped aid in weight loss concurrent with a regimented low calorie diet. It helps target areas of increased fat deposits and also improves fat breakdown when co-utilized with dietary protein sources. HCG allows your body to target your fat cells instead of muscle mass. You will be instructed to follow a low calorie diet, with a minimal exercise regimen.