Quick Care Clinic Services in Jackson TN

VIP understands that your time is important and we will do our best to give you the fastest quality treatment possible in our Quick Care Clinic.

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VIP Medical doesn’t accept any medical insurance. We accept all other forms of payment. Due to the fact that a majority of people have high insurance deductibles or no insurance. Most people will never come close to hitting their excessively high deductibles unless something medically serious happens. VIP provides a quick visit with a doctor or nurse practitioner along with a treatment plan for a much lower cost than most other medical clinics in the area.

Patients can use their receipts that show CPT codes and diagnosis codes to turn into their insurance company, which can be applied towards their deductible. VIP knows patients medical cost continue to rise and we believe we have the ability to treat patients quickly and at a lower cost with their minor medical needs. Some of the patient conditions we will diagnose and treat will be: Minor Muscle Strains, Sinusitis, bronchitis, common cold, UTI, upper respiratory infections, Flu, Strep throat, and migraines. We provide fast Lab results and offer our Sinus Cocktail injections which are very effective in treatment of the symptoms commonly found with Sinusitis, Bronchitis, the Flu, the common cold and upper respiratory infections.

Our Weight Loss Clinic and Quick Care Medical Clinic will have separate waiting rooms however every patient will continue to be treated like a VIP. VIP Patients will experience a nice warm comfortable atmosphere, with fast friendly service. VIP understands that your time is important and we will do our best to give you the fastest quality treatment possible. So, contact our office or stop in to get treated in the VIP “Quick Care” facility near you.

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Please do not send appointment changes, medical records requests or other medical related questions via email.

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    *Appointments recommended for aesthetic services.