VIP Facials and Peels

Lunch Time Peel

starting at $75 (45 mins)

Don't have time to actually "peel", but you want he same results? Try our "Lunch Time Peel". It is a deep stimulation peel that removes impurities, fine lines, clears acne, and exfoliates. This peel is great for NO downtime and excellent results!

starting at $75 (55 mins)

image dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation procedure that uses a special surgical blade to gently slough away the top layer of the epidermis.  After removal of dead skin cells, the skin is left smooth and vibrant.  Dermaplaning is ideal for anyone interested in removal of vellous facial hair (peach fuzz), which can trap excess dirt and oil.  The process also rejuvenates skin tissue, reducing acne scarring, uneven pigmentation and fine line wrinkles.

Glow and GO

starting at $125 (65 mins)

image glow and go
“Glow and Go” is a deep stimulation Peel and Dermaplaning. It is perfect combination for a deep clean and an amazing glow.Our VIP aesthetician uses ZO Skin Care by Dr.Zein Obagi to complete the “Glow and Go” facial. 65 mins and $125, you will be ready for that special night. Great for Prom, Mothers Day, Wedding or any Special event. Call today to book your appointment.


3 Step Peel

$190 (30 mins)

3 StepPeel


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