Reasons to visit VIP Quick Care

In any given year, the overwhelming majority of American’s either won’t need to see a doctor at all, or will only need to visit a primary care provider for basic or relatively routine medical issues. Self-pay patients are no different in this regard, which is why being able to find an affordable and accessible primary care provider should be near the top of the list of things to do for people who will be paying directly for their own care.

Two of the best options are telemedicine and quick care clinics, both of which offer relatively low-cost access to quality care. However there can be drawbacks with telemedicine – some things just can’t be handled over the phone and require an in-person visit, so the highly-trained nurse practitioners staffing VIP quick care clinics are ready and waiting to help.  If you are like most of us, time is a precious comodity and at VIP we respect your time and get you back to see the practitioner quickly. 

For these reasons, finding a facility that caters to self-pay patients is a no-brainer. So come see the highly-trained prectitioners at the VIP Quick Care location near you at VIP or Paris TN.