Hypogonadism is low testosterone. Do you have low-T?

Some men have a true testosterone deficiency, called male hypogonadism. This is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. It may be caused by problems in the:

pituitary gland

Men who are at risk include those who have had an injury to the testicles and have HIV/AIDS. If you’ve gone through chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or had undescended testicles as an infant you are also considered at risk for hypogonadism.

Symptoms of male hypogonadism in adulthood include:

erectile dysfunction
decrease in muscle mass
loss of bone mass (osteoporosis)
decrease in beard and body hair growth
development of breast tissue
difficulty concentrating
decreased sex drive

Treatments for male hypogonadism

Doctors can determine if you have male hypogonadism through physical exams and blood tests. If low testosterone levels are detected, your doctors may perform additional tests to determine the cause.

Treatment typically includes testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in the form of:


Who is it for?

TRT for healthy men?

Many men experience changes as they age that are similar to the symptoms of hypogonadism. But their symptoms may not be related to any disease or injury. Some are considered a normal part of aging, such as:

changes in sleep patterns and sexual function
increased body fat
reduced muscle
decreased motivation or self-confidence

The Mayo Clinic reports that TRT can help men with hypogonadism. The results are not as clear with men who have normal levels of testosterone or older men with decreasing testosterone levels, which is a normal part of aging. More rigorous studies are needed, according to the Mayo Clinic.

One study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that testosterone combined with Viagra in otherwise healthy men worked no better than a placebo in improving erectile dysfunction.

Risk factors

While there may be some risks to TRT, there are risks to low testosterone levels as well. These include a higher risk of:

heart attack
hip fracture

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