How to make a loser a winner

Let’s talk about goals

I have a few and you should to.  You should make a list and write them down so you can refer back to it when you feel a little lost.  My goal is to get to a comfortable weight where I am not having back pain or knee/ankle issues and feel healthy again.  My goal is to be alive to walk my little girl down the isle when she gets married (preferably when she is 50:). I am hoping to see my children grow into thriving adults and live happy lives.  You know the American dreamish.  My weight goal is to get back down to 225.  I am not sure if that is realistic but I am told by VIP weight loss that it is.  An aside here, that is one of the best things about this place.  When you walk in, you are not greeted with skepticism but with a positive motivational mood.  They are encouraging and very understanding.  Most of them have been through what you are going through and really do get it.

OK I’m back.  So my routine with VIP weight loss is easy.  I show up once a week and get my MIC Shot and Testosterone shot.  If I need my meds refilled, they give me my refills, I weigh in, get my InBody Scan Sheet and I’m out. Quick and painless.  

What’s an InBody what did he say?

The InBody is a scale that does more than just weight. It also tells you things like how much fat you have in your body compared to muscle. So you know what you should lose. One of the best things it tells me is that one of my legs is not as strong as the other so I need to work that leg more. It has a graph and the graph charts your progress over time.

How did I get here?

I am a country boy as you all know.  I like to eat and BBQ for the family.  But I guess I would have to say that my real food addiction, and yes it is one, started in high school.  When ever I was shown negativity or feeling down I would eat.  Had a fight with my girl friend? “Eat a bowl of chili that will warm you up.”  Hence the term “comfort food”.  I was not always fat because I was active. I was able to keep my weight down mostly in high school.  But after I moved back home from the military, I could just look at food and gain weight.  Every year I would gain 10 to 15 pounds until I found myself out of control. So I went to the doctor and they recommended Gastric bypass surgery.(more on this later)  In 2003, I had the surgery and it was a miracle. I lost 140 pounds. But I had no idea how to eat and no self control.  As the years ticked by, I gained 10-15 pounds per year and I am right back where I was before the surgery.

That last part is not entirely true.  This is me one week in remember! So I am 7 pounds down. Small victories. See ya next week or maybe at VIP