What makes me fat?

How many of you are like me? Since I was, I don’t know, in high school or college the diet clique was on for me. Anyone remember the green bean diet?  I used to have a girlfriend that passed out on that one! How about the grapefruit diet? Did anybody else have teeth that hurt from eating all those grapefruits. 

cabbageThen, of course, who can forget the wonderful “cabbage soup diet”? They said it was “Good” NOT! I think they said I was supposed to lose 10 pounds in 7-days. That didn’t happen either.  Now you all know the game we play, mentally torturing ourselves because, SWIMSUIT SEASON is COMING!!!  Usually I would give a half-hearted attempt to “DIET” before the sun beckoned or someone in my family would say those words I hated to hear more than any other.  “Hey I know. Let’s go to the beach this spring break.”  I call foul. Spring break is earlier than our latitude is suppose to be swimsuit weather or even bare some skin. Not OK!  There was no way I was going to accelerate my trauma. 

I am joking but for many of us the pain is real, right.  Those that can eat what they want and never gain an ounce just had to suggest an avenue of resolution to the weight mania and it flew all over me.  My struggle was real and they had never and would never understand this battle of will.  I eat when I am nervous or worried.  Driven by the desire to please most of the people I encounter, I was deeply hurt when someone told me how I should approach my “problem” especially if they were a “skinny”.  I know what you are thinking well it’s probably one of 2 things: sticks and stones or suck it up butter cup.  Nope! I told you in the beginning that I was going to put myself out there, not hide. So now I am just telling you the truth. Can’t handle it? Go peddle your negativity on some other corner cause here we are all about solutions. 

When I started out with VIP they literally had to talk me into doing the program, They, being my wife.  She was going to do it and Mark said it would help if we were both on the program together. He said it would be easier and he was right.  Notice I did not say DIET. This is not a diet. In fact, VIP had me set an “eat alarm” on my phone for every 2 hours during the day to make sure I was GETTING ENOUGH TO EAT!!!  When they told me this my brain went into retro regurgitation bordering on a coma. No, but really, i was so confused. “You want me to eat more?” I said. “No, we want you to eat more often.” they said.

Why would I eat more often?  Well, have you ever heard of a fail-safe mechanism?  No? A fail-safe is a device that prevents the operation from failing. Sounds simple right? It turns out that your body has a fail-safe against starvation.  YOUR DIETS DON’T. So they can fail, but if you reset the counter every couple of hours then your body does not go into starvation mode and you can burn your stored fat. Now you might be thinking, all I need to do is eat every 2 hours and I will lose weight. Maybe. But I can tell you for me the VIP weight loss program drastically increased that process. 

I am going to use an overused analogy here so bear with me.  Your body is an engine, the parts of your engine are your organs, a couple of the MAJOR parts are the throttle body and intake.  This would be your mouth.  In order for that engine to run the fuel and air has to be injected AT REGULAR INTERVALS (every 2 hours for you).  Your stomach is the cylinders where the fuel is turned to usable energy. The liver is responsible for metabolizing fats and STORAGE.  Yep, it’s the culprit that stored that fat in the first place.  The liver is responsible. But, VIP has a solution for that too.

There you go. Don’t blame it on the rain, blame it on the liver.  Whew! I feel better. Don’t you.  I am going to help you here.  It is not your fault in most cases.  Your genetics and the liver are SET to store that fat.  So how do we “trick” the liver to stop that absurd abuse of power.  VIP knows.  Look, here it is. Cards on the table…. Today is February 2.    Why would you wait any longer or try some silly DIET that you now know is not going to last?  That Jenny girl or WW are not the answer.  A plan for meeting your personal goals with a family of folks who know your name and welcome you in every time without judgment are waiting for you right now at VIP weight loss centers.  You don’t have to call just walk in and start today.  I promise VIP weight loss centers can help you.