Too many irons can upset the routine

Bobby Week 3:

Sometimes you get to the point where you just have so many irons in the fire that you are wondering if you are gonna have enough outlets to plug them all in. 
Remember it?  That little thing that you were suppose to do…?  You know, excercise. Well, it takes a back seat.  

I thought I would share my routine with you so you can see the error of my ways. Now my routine is not just something that I came up with but that VIP gave me some tips on in the beginning and then reinforced every week when I saw them.  I work from home so the temptations of the kitchen are still here all day long but I do not have the cravings like I used to with the phentermine/topiramate combo.

Anyway, I wait for the family to leave for school and I start my morning routine which is the important one. I start by taking my meds and drinking 2 glasses of water. I heard that this promotes a health circulatory system and the japenese have been doing this for many years. Why not it can’t hurt. Then I do at least 20 minutes on the treadmill my wonderful mom loaned me.

After all of that I can then and only then check the emails that have been blowing up my phone since 6 AM.  It’s tough because if I ever check my phone I am herding cats. So needless to say the other morning the phone dinged and I automatically without thinking picked it up rolled it over and saw a server alert. UGH! So, I missed my walking because I didn’t stop that day until late that night.

Now here is where the choice gets made.  It’s week three and I lost another 1.5 lbs this week. 8.5 total.  Do I choose to dwell on the negativity of me missing my walk or focus on the positivity of how far I have come to this point? I choose the later and you should too.  I chose to focus on the goals and move forward one day at a time.