Some Advantages of Self Pay Quick Care

There is a lot of talk in the news lately about health care and the rising costs associated with it.  One of the best nuggets of news to come out of this is the trending off quick care facilities that do not charge like an emergency room or even a family physician might.

“Why would I ever consider going to a self pay quick care facility like VIP Quick Care if I have insurance?  Let me explain:
There are a couple of major reasons the emergency rooms stay in business and can function in the current state or health care insurance.  The ER understands that the patient is not in control of what gets billed in there facility. That is dictated by the facility and what the insurance company will allow! Now lets say for example that you go into an ER with an allergic reaction.  The ER may order a full blood work up and an allegy test to determine what is wrong even if you tell them that you are allergic to bees and you got stung. This is done because the insurance company allows it.  The part insurance does not cover will be coming straight out of your pocket.

Another important reason to consider VIP Quick Care is that you will save time.  Yes that valuable precious commodity that none of us ever seem to have enough of.  The average amount of time for a patient spent in the ER waiting room in Tennessee is 45 minutes.  In most cases, at VIP Quick Care you can be on your way home in 45 minutes.  Don’t spend your free time waiting in an ER! Come visit us at VIP Quick Care where our self pay care will save you time and money.