Man, if i could bottle that kid’s energy

What are you going to do this weekend? sit on the couch? Have you considered going out this weekend and hiking in the woods? How about riding that bike you have sitting in the corner or dusting off those golf clubs. I am sure your kids would love to play a game of backyard football during halftime.If you are thinking about how much work that is then you might want to pop into VIP to get you testosterone checked.

“After age 30, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone. A decrease in sex drive sometimes accompanies the drop in testosterone, leading many men to mistakenly believe that their loss of interest in sex is simply due to getting older.”Matt Many of us are living with that little voice in our head that says things like “If I could just go back and relive my twenties …” or “Man, if i could bottle that kid’s energy…”. Well, VIP has energy and stamina in a bottle. They can check your levels and see whether or not you have low-T. Once that happens, our medical professionals will tailor a program specifically for you! This is not a one sizes fits all kind of place. This is a custom program that adjusts as you need it throughout the program to fit your medical needs. We really care about your health and quality of life. Try it. We will monitor your levels and get them back where they should be.

Over 50% of men 30 have some form of low testosterone. If are feeling like you have no sex drive, fatigued, not sleeping well, sexual dysfunction, depressed, or have experienced weight gain, then stop by and get your levels checked at VIP. You don’t need an appointment and it usually only takes about 20 minutes in our offices. Come on get back in the game. Don’t you want to feel like you did in your twenties? Come in today.