I Want a Cheesburger!!

How many of you have ever had a craving so bad that you just can’t stand it anymore.  I mean the kind that just keeps gnawing at you and just won’t quit.  Your stomach is growling so loud that the neighbors are calling to check on the bear in your house. 

Well it happened to me this passed week.  I was in the hospital with my wife, she had a kidney stone, on Monday and the most beautiful smell just went by the door.  I mean this was pure ground beef with a smokey flavored smell. The kind that you only get from the hickory sticks in your backyard. Nicki was sleeping so I casually eased over to the doorway and peered out, just in time to see a couple go into the room next door.  It was torture.  That heavenly smell just lingered in the hall. Just as I was about to turn around and head back in, I heard him.  “Mmm, that is a great burger. Did you cook that?”  Torture I say.

Here is the deal.  When you are watching your weight the temptations will come and go.  The trick is to be prepared for them and know that the temporary pleasure of a cheeseburger will not help with your permanent diet goal.  So here are some tips on how to be prepared for the inevitable craving whether its chocolate, apple pie or yes even the Cheeseburger.

First, as the folks at VIP have been stressing to me since day one, eat every 2 hours.  Not a huge meal but a snack to stave off the cravings.  Second, your body will start responding to healthier foods if you train it to do so.  I.E. Eat better foods and stay away from Junk food. Yes that includes cheeseburgers:( The third piece of advice is when a craving hits you it typically means that you have not been doing the first rule. So eat a healthy alternative like protein, almonds are my go to snack.  They are filling and don’t hurt your goal.  The last bit is to set your alarm on your phone or watch to 2 hour intervals.  That way you will know to get your snack.  I hope these help and enjoy the holidays!