Feminine Health & Rejuvenation

Feminine Health Many women notice changes in their feminine health. Physical trauma due to childbirth, loss of collagen and elastin in the vaginal tissues with aging and changes in estrogen levels can all contribute to feminine health concerns. Click here to RSVP for the VOTIVA Event.Have you noticed changes in the appearance of your external genitalia, such as loss of elasticity and wrinkling of the labia and vulva?Do you experience pain with intercourse due to vaginal dryness, labial hypertrophy (extra skin of the labia minora) or thinning of the lining of the vaginal vault?Do you leak urine with coughing or sneezing (stress urinary incontinence)?Have noticed darkening of the tissues of the external genital area?Have you lost interest in sex due to discomfort, decreases in sensitivity, low blood flow to the genitalia or low sexual self-esteem?Votiva is a vaginal rejuvenation platform consisting of two technologies, Forma V and Fractora V. Together FormaV and FractoraV allow the feminine health provider the ability to develop an individualized treatment program that addresses each woman’s specific feminine health concerns. Several female staff members at VIP Weight Loss, Anti-Aging & Quick Care have been trained to provide FormaV and FractoraV treatments for those clients who are more comfortable with a female provider.Forma V uses a treatment wand that delivers radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen and tighten tissues to address both internal and external feminine health issues. The wand is used intra vaginally, much like a pelvic ultrasound, to thicken the vaginal mucosa and tighten the vaginal vault which can improve vaginal dryness. When urinary incontinence is a concern, FormaV can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor. When combined with Kegel exercises, FormaV can improve stress urinary incontinence.Applied to the external genital tissues, the FormaV treatment wand delivers radiofrequency energy shrinking redundant skin, improving the aesthetic appearance of the genitalia. Thickening the tissues and improving the blood flow to these tissues enhances sensitivity and can improve sexual intimacy.Some women will also note textural changes of the skin of the vulva- wrinkling and crepiness of the skin of the genitalia that impact their sexual self-esteem. FractoraV treatments provide additional collagen stimulation and tissue contraction to further improve the appearance of the genitalia. When needed, intimate bleaching can address darkening of the tissues.Votiva treatment sessions take about an hour and most women benefit from 3 sessions with maintenance treatments every 6-12 months. At VIP Weight Loss, Anti-Aging & Quick Care, our philosophy of managing how we age includes sexual health and feminine health concerns. Votiva offers women safe and effective, non-surgical options to address many feminine health issues. Schedule your consultation and treatment session to see how Votiva can change your life. Call 731-256-0035.