Breathe Easy with a FLU or Sinus Cocktail Shot from VIP Medical

FLU SHOTS: Trivalent $25 or Quadravalent $40
Sinus Cocktail Shots
On SALE $40

In the fall, pollen counts are at an all-time high. Even though it is fall the pollen count is actually higher than it was last spring. Come see us at VIP Medical for your Sinus Cocktail Shot and get some quick relief from those headaches, sinus pressure and drainage so you can breathe again and feel better. And if it turns into an infection we can treat that quickly and effectively as well.

VIP Medical is ready and waiting for you this fall. When the sinus pressure gets to be too much, just stop by our location at VIP, six days a week, at 1047 Union University Drive or in Paris TN at 1203 East Wood St. on Saturday, no appointment necessary, and our skilled staff will have you feeling better in no time.