laser cellulite removal

Laser Cellulite Removal in Jackson, TN

If you have been looking for a way to instantly boost your beauty by changing the contour, complexion and feel of your skin in a non surgical, expensive or painful procedure than the experts here at VIP Weight Loss in Jackson, TN are here to provide you their Laser Cellulite Removal, with the Body FX and Mini service. Long time standing experts in beauty and health while securing the title of best clientele care here in Jackson, TN; give yourself the gift of a stunning new look with Laser Cellulite Removal!


The equipment and method that the experts at VIP Medical trust; the Body FX and Mini FX. This is a multifaceted tool that performs multiple methods of cellulite reduction at once; such as using radio frequencies, deep tissue heating, and suctioning capabilities. All clinically researched and approved, this laser is known as a favorite amongst beauty spas, instantly being able to boost the beauty, contour, feel and complexion of any client that requests it. Not only are you contouring and reducing the fat cells beneath your skin, creating curves that are actually wanted, while also reducing and removing the cellulite you are instantly improving the feel and complexion of your skin. All non invasively, without under the knife procedures, aftercare or pain involved! It’s also extremely cost efficient here at VIP. But the one thing that always remains the best part of this treatment? It can be done by the expert, caring and professional nurse practitioners here at VIP in Jackson, TN. Known amongst the people here as one the best beauty spas in the area! 

So if you have been contemplating changing the way you look and feel about your figure and complexion instantly, put the critics to the test with expert care from the professionals here and the Body FX and Mini FX at VIP Beauty Spa in Jackson, TN!

body fx

You may be wondering what Cellulite is, what causes it and ways to make it go away in a less invasive way. But what most don’t realize is that cellulite is essentially water retention! Typically appearing in the buttocks, arm, or stomach areas; cellulite can cause areas of your skin to either raise or concave, create lines and ridges and can cause discoloration as well. Most people are under the wrong impression that cellulite is just fat cells, or that it’s caused by what you’re eating or even that you aren’t exercising enough. That simply isn’t true! Nine out of ten women will have cellulite, it’s a completely naturally occurring thing! Here at VIP, we are dedicated to bringing the best out of every one of our clients, and to aid them in loving the skin they live in. We use the most up to date methods and treatments, only trusting products and equipment that is tested, ethical, and loved. 


laser cellulite removal

laser cellulite removal
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