Laser Hair Removal in Jackson, TN

Looking to cross one thing off of your to-do list permanently? It almost sounds too good to be true? Then allow the experts in beauty and health at VIP Medical Spa here in Jackson, TN make dreams into a reality with their low costs, high quality Laser Hair removal, Diolaze! The benefits of this non surgical and non hormonal hair removal process are long lasting with beautiful results! All with the care and service you deserve. 

One thing is certain; the process of most traditional hair removal techniques aren’t fun and usually don’t give the best results! Even leaving behind other unwanted aspects; such as razor bumps, redness or dryness. Most methods are even moderately to severely damaging to our skin in the long run, not to mention the amount of money, time, stress and sweat it all takes! It can become overwhelming! But allow the wonderful professionals at VIP to take that all away with a couple sessions with their state of the art equipment and products. Every single laser hair removal expert at the VIP Medical Spa in Jackson, TN is well seasoned and equipped in the process and can guarantee you great results with a great experience as well. 

The process of Diolaze laser hair removal treatment takes the diode beam of concentrated energy, the heat directly impacts the hair follicle and root not only removing but preventing future hair growth. The beam is highly concentrated and directed so that only the desired areas are removed, leaving behind smooth, clear skin. Diolaze can even help with discoloration and long term damage from shaving! At VIP, who have been in business for over 25 years and have helped many residents in Jackson, TN and more deal with unwanted hair- it is their mission and goal to make your desires a reality! Experience expert care and relief from the constant drag of loose ends! 

Some may worry that laser hair removal treatments may cause damage to the skin, but it is quite the contrary! Their are some limitations while you are between your treatments, the overall process can take a couple months to maximum 9, and during this time it is recommended that you do not have the area that is being treated in direct sunlight as well as trying not to apply any irritating/scented products to the area, of course not getting any new piercings or tattoos as well. There sometimes is a light sensitivity to the area of skin as well, most are more comfortable in looser clothes at the time. It’s also not recommended that you begin this treatment if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to become pregnant. There is also the potential that if you have lighter colored hair such as white, bright blonde, grey, etc. that you won’t respond as well to treatment. Though, with the experts guiding you alongside this process its certain you’ll be provided the best treatment possible! 

Trusting the experts with the best service and technology such as the Diolaze for laser hair removal treatment at VIP Medical Spa here in Jackson, TN will feel like the best gift you’ve given to yourself this year!