Zo Skin Health Care and Glo Mineral Makeup

With the Glo Mineral Makeup And Zo Skin Health Care line that they provide, they can help you make sure you always look your best even when on the go.  The VIP Spa is proud to carry this award winning line of skin rejuvenating mineral make up. To achieve the best look every time is difficult, but not when you have the Glo Mineral makeup line. The mineralized makeup formulas make it so that even the most sensitive or problematic skin types can enjoy the effects of the skin enhancing, moisturizing and soothing solutions. All cruelly free and guaranteed to last; this line is homed to an array of stunning, natural and glowing shades that can help you eliminate the everyday task of perfecting your skin’s pigmentations. Come into one of the VIP Spas today to speak with one of the wonderful team members and try out to find your perfect shade!

Zo Skin Health Care Line

Improve your fine lines and wrinkles, protect your skin from sun damage, provide it with the nutrients and hydration it deserves and give yourself a daily anti aging routine that doesn’t require any medical treatment or cost hundreds of dollars. The Zo Skin Health Care line was created with the goal of skin rejuvenation as well as anti aging and protection from harmful rays. Each formula produced with effective yet non harmful materials. 

Chemical Peel- This peeling exodermal mask provides longer lasting results 

Brightening Facial- rejuvenate your skin and help it glow, as well as exfoliate and minimize your pores

Acne Facial- keeping the comfort of the client in mind, achieve acne free results without pain and costly repetitive fees with one mask

Lunchtime Peel- a deep acting mask that stimulates the skin to help skin pigmentation, fine lines as well as lift any impurities


Eliminate the constant costs with your makeup routine and stop by the VIP Medical Spa in Jackson, TN today!