Skin Rejuvenation, MicroBlading & Eyeliner Tattooing!

VIP Medical Weight Loss Center offers an impressive variety of health and beauty elevating treatments, one of them being Laser Micro Needling for skin rejuvenation! Achieve skin rejuvenation and a younger look without using surgery in no time at all and little to no after care or effects! Microblading and Eyeliner Tattooing are other needle procedure options to achieve the fresh look you’re looking for, these stress less procedures being some favorites amongst clients! Come see why at VIP!


Laser Micro Needling/Fractora

Are you looking to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles in areas such as;

-mouth -chin -eyes -nose -neck -eyelids -cheeks -forehead -and more? 

With this minimally invasive procedure one of the highly seasoned and trained staff members at VIP will use a laser needle to hand erase years off of your complexion, the procedure itself being essentially painless, some mentioning a slight stinging but nothing unbearable with no after care involved! Though it is recommended to reduce sun exposure right after the procedure to limit any irritation.

Not only does this treatment reduce the appearance of wrinkles; it works to resurface areas which helps with any scarring or other aging or damaging effects, as well as adding a rejuvenated glow to your skin by also helping to give your skin essential nutrients as it also works to smoothen and even your skin and complexion. 



This is a common practice that is a favorite amongst clients. This is the art of tattooing the eyebrows to achieve a permanent, perfect angle and fullness. In just a couple sessions you can say goodbye to the daily routine of drawing in your eyebrows, or dealing with any insecurities that may arise with that.


Eyeliner Tattooing

This is a newer and hot fashion that involves using an extremely thin needle with a professional to tattoo a permanent eyeliner! Of course the client gets full control of the look; wing, thickness, length, ect. One of the friendly professionals at VIP will guide you through the process such as the light aftercare involved with tattooing options!
Feel confident constantly here in Jackson, TN with the help of the beauty experts at VIP Medical Weight Loss Center!