Hair Removal, PRP Hair Regrowth and PDO Threading

If you’re tired of shaving, razor bumps, discoloration and the work involved, the hair removal lasers and treatments they give at low cost are such an appealing option it’s hard to tell yourself no. Hair removal treatments are available in Jackson and Paris TN. Also providing hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation treatments in the same spa, it’s hard to find a place that can achieve so much in such little time and costs! Plan a consultation in minutes!


Hair ReGrowth/PRP 

The effects of aging and balding can really impact one’s personality and mentality. Genetics have a huge role to play as well, even causing younger people to bald or grey earlier than others. With VIP Medicals hair regrowth PRP treatments, you can take back your youth and hair, seeing regrowth and fullness almost immediately! 

Over time the damage to your roots can cause the loss of hair, the treatment from PRP can bring back the strength, color and health of the strands, rejuvenating the scalp and providing a much healthier foundation for your hair. 

Treatments involve taking some of the natural nutrients from the client then injecting back to the roots, doing so provides much needed nutrients and moisture that’s needed! It’s a completely natural treatment that’s virtually painless and can be completed rather quickly making it so that you don’t have to make your whole day around this procedure! Convenient and cost effective.


PDO Threading
Looking to instantly lift your skin and instantly achieve the look you’ve been dreaming about? Known as one of the oldest traditions in esthetician beauty and anti aging, this treatment lifts the skin instantly, then injects small amounts of collagen into the skin to provide a more rejuvenated appearance at the cellular level, making it so your skin has more elasticity and color. There are multiple needles that are used in the machine the seasoned and highly trained esthetician at VIP use for the treatment, each having their own purpose but each so thin that they cause no pain. There are numbing agents provided though as well to ensure the utmost comfort of the client!


Take back your hair’s natural health and your confidence with the experts here at VIP Medical Weight Loss Center in Jackson, Tennessee!