Laser Treatments in Jackson

If you have been looking for the right spa to try out Laser Treatments to tighten, lighten and enhance the appearance of your skin, look no further. With VIP Weight Loss Center providing a new, well staffed location here in Jackson, TN you’re now able to achieve that dream look you’ve been wanting! The low cost and effective Laser Treatments this highly rated center provides can help to take years from and color correct your skin in moments! 


Skin Tightening Laser/Forma

This non surgical, painless and fast procedure utilizes Radio Frequency to contract the skin, stimulating the formation of new collagen that smoothens and eliminates lines, evenly distributing the skin layers giving a flatter and smoother look. It even proves to help with skin elasticity, making it harder for those fine lines to reappear later! Patients say that they feel no pain and see a dramatic difference in the appearance of their stomachs, thighs, etc. with no after care at all. It’s a great option for ones looking for the easiest and fastest way to improve the look of wrinkles and lines and flatten areas with loose skin. It’s a very popular procedure with newer mothers, as it eliminates the after effects of their pregnancy in a painless, fast and cost effective way.


Skin Lighting Laser/Dark Spot Removal Laser / IPL – Lumecca

If you’re tired of dealing with an uneven skin tone, dark spots and discoloration from the sun and you’re ready to bring back that youthful, glowing, rejuvenated appearance then trust the professionals at VIP Medical to help you get that shade that you’re hoping for! Their Skin Lightening and Dark Spot removal Lasers, IPL and Lumecca are some of the most sought after in the market today.
This non surgical, non invasive and non painful laser uses light to bring back the glow! Fitting isn’t it? By using these light lasers the highly trained and well seasoned professionals at VIP can help to even out the color of your skin tone, as well as eliminate dark spots, help ease redness from sun patches, and help to reduce the appearance of “spider veins”! 


VIP Weight Loss Clinic wants to help the residents here in Jackson, TN feel more confident in their skin by using their low cost but high quality methods! Achieve that rejuvenated appearance again today!