Hair Removal Laser /Diolaze, PRP Hair Regrowth in Jackson!

If you’re tired of shaving, razor bumps, discoloration and the work involved, the hair removal laser treatments they give at low cost are such an appealing option it’s hard to tell yourself no. Also providing hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation treatments in the same spa, it’s hard to find a place that can achieve so much in such little time and costs! Plan a consultation in minutes for hair treatments!

Hair Removal Laser/Diolaze

It works by using a high intensity laser to remove hair follicles from the root, making it so they don’t reappear! Clients come tri-monthly to get treatments, after completing 12 treatments they’ll find the areas treated being completely smooth, clear, and even in skin tone! Gone are the days of dealing with hours in the shower attempting to shave difficult angles and dealing with the dark spots or missed hairs!

Hair ReGrowth/PRP

The effects of aging and balding can really impact one’s personality and mentality. Genetics have a huge role to play as well, even causing younger people to bald or grey earlier than others. This can make one insecure or less likely to socialize, always wearing a hat or getting dyes that further damage the hair. With VIP Medicals hair regrowth PRP treatments, you can take back your youth and hair, seeing regrowth and fullness almost immediately!
Over time the damage to your roots can cause the loss of hair, the treatment from PRP can bring back the strength, color and health of the strands, rejuvenating the scalp and providing a much healthier foundation for your hair.
Treatments involve taking the blood of the client and injecting back to the roots, doing so provides much needed nutrients and moisture that’s needed! It’s a completely natural treatment that’s virtually painless and can be completed rather quickly making it so that you don’t have to make your whole day around this procedure! Convenient and cost effective.

Take back your life and your hair with the experts here at VIP Medical Weight Loss Center in Jackson, Tennessee!