Can PDO Threads Really Make Me Look Younger?

Sometimes it can feel like life flew by – especially when you look in the mirror and see just how your face has changed! Aging is an entirely normal part of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to look aged if you do not want to. If looking younger gives you confidence and makes you feel younger, there are options available to you. PDO threads can be beneficial to you, should you desire an anti-aging procedure.

What are PDO Threads?

The medical term for PDO is polydioxanone. In simple terms, PDO threads are a dissolvable suture that lifts and revitalizes the skin without using a scalpel. The procedure is not surgical and results in an immediate change to the face and other body areas.

Which Areas Can Benefit from this Procedure?

Your face is not the only area in which this anti-aging procedure can be effective. In fact, although the cheeks, jawline, eyebrows, crow’s feet, vertical lip line, and under eyes are common locations, many people get PDO threads on other parts of their body as well. These parts include:

  • neck
  • buttocks
  • thighs

If you desire a change to your skin in any of these areas, there are anti-aging procedures that can work for you – polydioxanone threads are one of those effective procedures!

Do Anti-Aging Procedures Work?

Polydioxanone threads are effective in anti-aging as it serves to do more than simply lift sagging skin. Since PDO threads not only lift the skin but also stimulate collagen and produce elastin, it is a successful procedure in anti-aging for a period of time.

How Long do PDO Threads Last?

After 6 to 8 months, the threads begin to dissolve. While this is a natural and normal part of the process, the effects do not immediately disappear with the sutures. Instead, the rejuvenated skin looks younger and yet still natural after the threads have dissolved. While the effects do not last indefinitely, there is often a pronounced difference past the natural dissolution for several months.

Where Can I Get PDO Threads in Jackson, TN?

When it comes to polydioxanone threads Jackson TN, VIP Weight Loss Center is a wonderful resource. Experienced professionals are prepared to help you feel confident, young, and fresh once more! With minimal risk, PDO threads are a great way to start feeling great again. Gain your youth back at VIP Weight Loss Center in Jackson, TN or Paris, TN.