Getting Low-T Therapy can change your life

low-t therapyThe “T” in the low-T therapy denotes decreased levels of the testosterone hormone. It is the hormone that is produced in both the genders in their respective reproduction organs. Levels of testosterone decide a person’s sexual drive, physical build, muscle and bone mass, strength and body hair. Presence of this hormone is comparatively higher in men as compared to women and is important for smooth physical, sexual and metabolic performances in them. As a man ages, the level of testosterone hormone reduces in men, visibly after the age of 30, although change in it’s degree is continuous throughout his lifetime. A fall in the testosterone levels below 300 ng/dL might experience the dangers of the low-T levels.


While this decrease is a natural phenomenon which does not imply in its deficiency, but abnormal reduction is evident as it bears clear symptoms like the following:

  • ·        Lower sexual urge
  • ·        Thyroid and diabetes problems
  • ·        Depression, anxiety
  • ·        Lower sperm count
  • ·        Increase or decrease in body mass
  • ·        Frequent mood swings
  • ·        Fatigue
  • ·        Lack of motivation and concentration
  • ·        Abnormal hair loss
  • ·        Lower bone density
  • ·        Higher level of hemoglobin

Low-T Therapy


The long term effect of lower testosterone levels is an increased risk of cardio-vascular diseases like heart attack, stroke or even death. A medical diagnosis becomes a necessity; one the low levels of testosterone is confirmed after performing a blood test.  Subscribing to a low testosterone therapy can be useful to increase its levels. There are several processes via which artificial agents are introduced in the body:


a)     Injections are used in patients in weekly or monthly intervals, and are available in both long-term and short-term forms. It is normally injected under the skin into your hip.

b)     Oral consumptions of testosterone patch includes not swallowing it as it might affect the patient’s liver in the long run. It is supposed to be placed under the eye-tooth and can cause severe headache or irritation.

c)     The transdermal form exists in creams, patches and liquid. It is applied on a non-scarred area of the skin and should not be touched until its next application.

d)     Pellets are placed under the skin of hip or buttocks to use their fatty tissues which dissolves it over time. It is placed by the doctor by making a small cut under the skin.

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