Gone are the days when hair loss was the problem suffered only by elders! Hair loss is spreading like a disease and hitting people of all age groups! Yes, it is unfair and frustrating too! There are multiple reasons contributing to it- lifestyle, eating habits, stress, lack of nutrition etc…! You don’t only lose hair, you lose your confidence too and this is the reason that both men and women are ready to go to great lengths to avoid losing their hair. For some, going bald is equivalent to ageing which affects their personality. Fortunately, we are in 21st century and some of the intelligent minds have worked on therapy known as Platelet rich plasma abbreviated as PRP.

What is PRP and how does it help in hair fall?

PRP is a therapy wherein blood of person is drawn from his body, processed and then injected into the scalp. The blood can be drawn from any part of your body (could be arm or legs) and is then centrifuged to allow separation of fluids of different densities. This happens because blood has different components. It is segregated into three prime components i.e., plasma rich in platelets, plasma poor in platelets and red blood cells.

A person undergoing this therapy is made bald and then platelets rich plasma is injected into the scalp which initiate repair and gradually stimulates natural hair growth.

What are the risks involved?

The most common risk in any of the surgeries is to get injected with infected blood. In PRP, you are injected with your own blood components and this is the reason that you are not at risk of getting any communicable disease. If you little uneasiness, you should convey the same to therapist. Also, if you have smoking or alcohol or drug habits then that should be conveyed to your therapist at the earliest. Further, if you are on any medication for thyroid, blood pressure/ blood thinners, don’t forget to mention those to achieve best results.

Simple, cost-effective and feasible treatment

Over the years, your hairs get damaged from roots and all they need is rejuvenation and scalp nutrition which is provided by PRP. It is simple, cost effective and absolutely safe treatment which notably offers patient satisfaction. The amount that you spend towards various premium hair products to grow your hair collectively will be more than the cost of PRP. Hair loss can happen to anyone at any age and this is suitable and recommended treatment to grow your hair naturally!


Don’t let hair loss distress you in any manner. At VIP we have a team of dedicated individuals who know best techniques for PRP. The success rate of PRP is very high as it uses your own blood to activate the cells around your scalp. It provides natural results and improvement in hair volume and coverage and is thus adopted worldwide. PRP is absolutely safe and tested modes for stimulating hair growth and it might require combination of treatments if the damage is little more than normal.