The most useful and easy treatment for anti-aging and improving skin texture and tone is Fractora. This involves a radio frequency waves to improve the skin appearance, resurface and rejuvenate it.


The means to provide this treatment involves a handle that provide localized heat and micro dots over the affected area. This heat not only removes the pigmentation, but also stimulates collagen underneath the skin that provides the skin with enough elasticity to tighten it and make it look younger. The heat is generated gently through the fine endings of the pins in the sub-dermal tissues that help in the production of collagen thereby improving it from every aspect. Apart from resurfacing the skin, Fractora can help the wrinkles or scars that have left a permanent mark on the skin. Removing these marks will not need you to go through tough sessions of surgery replacing your natural skin, rather will destroy the unnecessary cells and restore the natural health of the skin.

The heat on the skin can be regulated according to the endurance level of it and thereby the scattering of the micro lesions helps the skin to feel comfortable and heal faster from the treatment that it has been introduced to.


The first and foremost benefit that it bears with it is that the process does not involve cutting through the skin or any surgeries and takes place externally. Fractora can be the most helpful when one is suffering from signs of aging that includes deep lines, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, pigmentation and red spots. The process takes a few sessions to show the results completely and the numbers of sittings vary depending upon the severity of the case. This is an all-in-one technology that will spare you the horror and cost of repeated and costly technologies that need to be clubbed and attended simultaneously to one another. The distribution of heat through the pins helps it to reach the deep layers and show results faster, while the space between the needles provide an effective balance against the treated area that helps it cure faster. The sensor of the device automatically regulates the amount of heat that is to be distributed over the surface and stops or lowers the amount when it senses that the required heat has been reached. This difference in levels helps the doctors to penetrate through different levels of the skin that also lends a hand in the process of coagulation and healing.


The results can take a few weeks to show up completely and at the initial stages if the treatment you can experience redness or warmth under your skin, but this won’t harm the health of your skin in anyway. They are a reaction to the sudden change in treatment of the skin and can be calmed through the application of cooling gels suggested by the doctors that are free of chemicals so that it does not further irritates your skin.

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